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What would you do if you found $357,959?

In LA, a woman found a $357,959 cashier's check. She did the honest thing to do. She returned it.

At first glance the check looked like a junk mail sweepstakes offer that was lying on the ground. The woman thought she would pick the trash up and throw it away. She then noticed it was a real cashier's check with a real signature.

"I couldn't believe it. I almost passed out," "I have never seen a check that big. Not in my possession, anyway."

She located the check's owner, who had arrived at her bank in a panic.

"I think she had walked in at the same time the bank manager called me back," "I could hear her walking up to him. and I could hear all this commotion in the background."

She never thought of keeping the check for herself, and she declined the woman's offer of a reward.

Even though she never got to meet the rightful owner,
"I just wanted to see her face," . "I just wanted to let her know that there are honest people left in this world."

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