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Encourage a New Year's Resolution: Send a CDC Health-e-Card!

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The CDC has more than 40 free, electronic greeting cards or Health-e-Cards. Select an e-Card and quickly email a health and safety message to friends and family or promote a special observance like the New Year.

Holiday and New Year Health-e-Cards

Season's Greetings Happy Holidays Happy New Year

The 12 Ways to Health. This holiday e-Card provides tips to holiday health and safety and links to the song, sung to the tune of The Twelve Days to Christmas. The lyrics to the song are also available, so you can sing along! Visit Health-e-Card site to send one of these CDC e-Cards to your friends, family, and colleagues today.

New Year Resolutions

Photo of active people Photo of pregnant woman and man
Be Fit - image of man working out Picture of baby in safety seat
If you'd like to inspire your friends and family to keep specific resolutions, you can send a Health-e-Card to encourage smoke-free living, weight management, fitness and more! Visit our Health-e-Card site to send a greeting to help loved ones keep their resolutions!

In the near future, you'll find Health-e-Cards for STD awareness, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Many of the new e-Cards will be available in English and in Spanish.

Information about Health-e-Cards

To send a CDC Health-e-Card, you must provide both your name and email address and the recipient's name and email address. Please note that after the card is sent electronically, the names and email addresses are discarded.

Additional Information

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