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How to Do the Ice Cube Mentos Prank

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We all know what happens when Diet Coke and Mentos mix together - you get an eruption of soda. But by freezing the Mentos, you can delay the explosion and watch an unsuspecting victim's eyes widen as their drink suddenly overflows!

no one deals like we do!


  1. Add water to an ice cube tray about halfway in each cube hole. Place it in the freezer and chill the water so that it's almost freezing, but not solid yet.
  2. Add a Mentos to each cube hole. If the water is not cold enough, the Mentos will dissolve and the trick won't work.
  3. Place the ice cube tray back in the freezer until you get regular ice cubes. You'll see that the Mentos is solidified in the ice cube.
  4. Pour a glass of Cola and drop some Mentos ice cubes into the glass.
  5. Wait until the ice has melted. At this time, the real Mentos will be in contact with the soda and will make the soda overflow out of the cup.



  • Be sure that you're in a place (i.e. outside or in a room with easy-to-clean floors) where you or your "victim" won't mind cleaning up a lot of spilled soda!

Things You'll Need

  • Cola
  • Freezing water
  • Ice cube tray(s)
  • Mentos candy
  • Cup/glass
  • Freezer

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