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Wildlife Action Fund Versus Sarah Palin's Attack on the Wolf

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund today launched a national campaign to expose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's renewed anti-conservation agenda. The Action Fund first highlighted Palin's record in Alaska during last fall's presidential campaign when it ran TV ads across battleground states, highlighting Palin's championing of the brutal and unnecessary aerial killing of wolves and other carnivores.

"Sarah Palin isn't fading into the background, so neither are we," commented Defenders Action Fund President Rodger Schlickeisen. "Given her known political aspirations, the American public deserves to know what she's doing in Alaska, and about her extreme anti-conservation policies. The list is long, and we will document it all, from her continued promotion of the aerial slaughter of wolves and bears, to her lawsuit to remove the polar bear from the endangered species list, even as the sea ice melts beneath it."

Watch the Video NowDefenders Action Fund's campaign to expose Gov. Palin's anti-wildlife agenda has attracted the support of actress and activist, Ashley Judd, who narrates the new video on

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