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Consumer Tips

Quick Consumer Tips

1. A deal that sounds too good to be true usually is!
2. Extended warranties or service contracts are rarely worth what you pay for them.
3. Say no to credit insurance offers.
4. There is no universal three-day cooling-off period. Don't be misled into thinking that you have an automatic three days to cancel a purchase.
5. Think twice before sharing personal information.
6. Beware of payday and tax refund loans because interest rates on these loans are usually excessive.
7. Not all plastic cards offer the same protections.
8. Real estate agents represent the seller – not the buyer.
9. Home improvement and auto repairs are the subject of frequent complaints- get a second opinion.
10. Think twice before you rent-to-own because interest rates on rent-to-own purchases can be very high.
11. Don't buy under stress. Those under stress are especially at risk of being victimized. Avoid making big-ticket purchases during times of duress.
12. Be cautious of Buy Here, Pay Here car lots. .
13. Work-at-Home ads usually don't pay off.

Source;Consumer Action Website

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