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In the News; April 17, 2008

Are you sick of the Presidential Election yet?
The latest Gallop Pole tells us that if the election were today, it would be close- and it doesn't matter who the Democrat is. McCain 44 Clinton 46 or McCain 43 Obama 46.

The Pope is making strides across the US in his dapper red shoes. Yesterday he acknowledged the sex abuse issue here in the US.

And, no good news in the economy as oil and jobless claims continue to rise as the dollar falls.


In the News Today....

The Presidential election is changing....again. According to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll, John McCain has attracted disgruntled GOP voters, independents and even some moderate Democrats to pull even with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The survey suggests that those switching to McCain are largely attuned to his personal qualities and McCain may be benefiting as the two Democrats snipe at each other during their prolonged nomination fight.

Elderly women convicted in murder-for-profit deaths. A jury that returned five guilty verdicts against two women in the murder-for-profit deaths of two homeless men still has work to do. The Twist: the women are in their 70's. The jury also convicted them of conspiracy to murder for financial gain counts in both killings.Prosecutors said the women collected $2.8 million from insurance policies on the lives of two homeless men who were killed in staged hit-and-run incidents.

Three days after stealing a rare collection of coins, a thief in Germany took them to the bank for safe keeping -- and delivered them into the hands of the man he had robbed. Soon after the thief made the deposit, a bank worker handling the coins recognized them as the set worth some 50,000 euros ($80,000) that had been stolen from his house.

Photo of the day...

This file photo shows the Earth above the lunar horizon. A US firm specializing in sending people's cremated ashes into orbit is going to turn the moon into a graveyard for earthlings beginning next year.
(AFP/HO/File/Michael Benson)


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