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In the News; April 19, 2008

Are we becoming content with the economic situation?
New research from the University of Chicago suggested that the older population is generally the happier population. A certain amount of distress in old age is inevitable, including aches and pains and the deaths of loved ones and friends. The older people generally have learned to be more content with what they have than younger adults. This is partly because older people have learned to lower their expectations and accept their achievements, according to the researchers. In other words, we have learned to move on with our lives.

The downside of contentment with the economy is that we risk the dangers associated with recession. We must learn to move on but, remain intelligent.


Rapper Foxy Brown is out of jail. Brown, whose real name is Ingrid Marchand, was sentenced in September 2007 to a year in jail for violating the terms of her probation after she was accused of hitting a woman with a cell phone. She was on probation for an August 2004 attack on two manicurists at a Manhattan nail salon. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in the 2004 incident. She was released from the jail after serving an eight-month sentence.

The Texas polygamy sect children will stay in state hands
. State District Judge Barbara Walther heard 21 hours of testimony over two days before ruling Friday that the children would be kept in custody while the state continues to investigate allegations of abuse stemming from the teachings of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

So long Seattle!
NBA owners overwhelmingly approved the SuperSonics' move to Oklahoma City for the 2008-09 season Friday — provided the team can settle its lawsuit with its hometown for the last 41 years — pain finally joined anger in Seattle. Oklahoma SuperSonics?

The Brain;
Average brain weights for primates (not relative to body size):

* Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) - 0.77 pounds (350 grams)
* Mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei) - 0.95 pounds (430 grams)
* Mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) - 0.004 pounds (2 grams)
* Sperm whale - 17 pounds (7,800 grams)
* Walrus - 2.4 pounds (1,100 grams)
* Domestic cat - 0.06 pounds (30 grams)
* Our brains, weigh an average of 2.7 pounds (1,200 grams)


She is the world's oldest known person and will turn 115 on Sunday.
The supercentenarian,laughed and smiled as relatives and guests released 115 balloons into sunny skies outside her nursing home. Dressed in pearls, a blue and white polka dot dress and new white shoes, she clutched a red rose during the festivities.

Edna Parker holds a rose that she was given during a birthday party for her in Shelbyville, Ind., Friday, April 18, 2008. Parker, who was born April 20, 1893, is the oldest known human. She will turn 115 on Sunday, April 20, 2008.
(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)


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