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In the News April 6, 2008

Charlton Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and also portrayed Moses has died. He was 84. He came out a few years ago with a statement that he was suffering from "symptoms of Alzheimer's". To Read more

In STOCKHOLM, Sweden - The electrocution of a fat rat
in an electric station caused a three-hour power outage in Stockholm's central train station, halting elevators and escalators.

In ORLANDO, Fla. - A diaper-clad monkey who escaped from his Orlando home and is now in the custody of animal control. Orlando Police said the monkey escaped through a window and was sitting on top of a wall near a condo building. When passerby's tried to catch the monkey, he charged at them, forcing them to retreat to the street into oncoming traffic.

Authorities used a banana to lure the monkey into a cage where he was then taken to Orange County Animal Control.

Apparently, Jay-Z and Beyonce have tied the knot. No word yet on whether or not her new name will become "Beyonce-Z".
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Picture of the day

It's Moses. **In this 1955 file photo Charlton Heston in character as Moses in 'The Ten Commandments.' Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing 'Ben-Hur' and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died. He was 84.
(AP Photo/American Movie Classics, FILE)

I am personally not an NRA member but, I do enjoy watching this movie every year. Maybe it's because of the all star cast of Yvonne De Carlo, Yul Brenner, Edward G. Robinson, Vincent Price, and so many more talents.



name said...

I agree- it was a great movie despite the NRA spokesman. Nate

Denise said...

Don't know if we could ever recreate such a spectacular movies with so many stars.

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