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Did you hear about this?

Did you hear about this?

Arkansas' marriage-age crisis is over. A law that mistakenly allowed anyone — even toddlers — to marry with parental permission was repealed by a measure signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Mike Beebe, ending months of embarrassment for the state and confusion for county clerks. Question....did any toddlers actually get married?

A woman in Minnesota feared for her dogs life when pit bull jumped over a fence into her yard and attacked her pooch. So she took matters into her own mouth. The woman bit the pit bull on the nose after trying to pull the dog's jaws off her Labrador retriever. She drew blood when she bit the dog, and her doctor will have to determine whether she should get shots for rabies.

Jerry Seinfeld was in a rollover wreck but was unhurt after the brakes on one of his vintage cars failed. Seinfeld was driving alone when the brakes on his 1967 Fiat BTM stopped working The two-door sedan flipped over and came to a stop just yards from the highway. The wreck was attributed to mechanical failure. Seinfeld, 53, did not require medical attention and returned to his East Hampton home.

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