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The 8 year old 'murderer'

The 8-year-old Arizona boy suspected in the deaths of his father and another man told police in a videotaped interview that he shot both men after he came home from school.

The boy, said he shot his already wounded father "because he was suffering."

"I was thinking, 'What the heck is going on?'" the boy said "'Who did this? Why would anyone do this?'"After I shot him once he was still moving, I think I shot him again."

"I'm going to go to juvie," the boy says after an officer asks what he's thinking."

At one point, the boy told authorities he had been mad at his father. He said he was supposed to bring home some papers from school earlier in the week and got spanked by his stepmother at his father's request because he didn't.

The boy has been charged in juvenile court with two counts of murder.
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