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Teen Sex and TV.

Teen Sex and TV. Researchers have found that adolescents with a high level of exposure to television shows with sexual content are twice as likely to get pregnant or impregnate someone as those who saw fewer programs of this kind over a period of three years. The central message from the study is that there needs to be more dialogue about sex in the media, particularly among parents and their children, said the study's lead author and a behavioral scientist .

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I am Harriet said...

Congratulations on being a featured blog in the Blog Open House. I enjoyed reading.

Beth said...

Congrats on being a featured blog in the Blog Open House.

As for the topic of this post- have you ever watched the show "Skins" on BBC America? Good grief- the whole show is nothing but kids in their late teens and their sexual escapades. I was offended by watching it and it takes A LOT to offend me. I just wonder how many parents are even aware of such shows and what they contain.

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