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Need a job? Check out the Plumb book.

Cover of the 2000 edition of the Plum Book.Every four years, just after the Presidential election, the United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, commonly known as the Plum Book, is published. The Plum Book is used to identify presidentially appointed positions within the Federal Government.

This year the book will feature jobs for the new administration.
Obama-Biden Administration. President-Elect Obama will make appointments throughout the federal government. Some positions will require Senate confirmation while others will not. Some appointments will be made during the transition process and others during the early part of the new Administration.

Applicants for any of these non-career positions - whether in the White House or in any Federal Department, Agency or Commission - can use the website, as applying on-line is the fastest and most accurate way to get your information to them.

(If you are interested instead in a career, civil service position with the federal government, you should proceed to the Office of Personnel Management website at

If you apply for a position now, you will not need to apply again after January 20th. Applications submitted now to the Obama-Biden Transition Project will be retained and considered by the Office of Presidential Personnel after President-Elect Obama takes office.

Application Process:

  1. Please complete and submit the on-line Expression of Interest Form .
  2. Within a few days, you will receive an email with a link to a more complete on-line application.
  3. Upon submitting your full on-line application you will receive an e-mail acknowledgment.
  4. If and when you are considered for a specific position, you will be asked to fill out additional forms, including financial disclosures, and be subject to other reviews which may include FBI background checks.

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