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Squirrel Control at U.C. Davis

It's a good time to plan your trip...some of the major U.S. airlines have cut many fares for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. The reason..the airlines are in the midst of their worst year since at least 2005. Price-cutting is necessary because of the slumping economy which takes a bite out of leisure and business travel.

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Want to track your candidates? CNN makes it easy to do. Check this out.

Say goodbye to "King of the Hill". Fox, is canceling the long-running animated comedy. The final episodes will air during the 2009-10 season . The series is now in its 13th yea.

U.C. Davis has a problem with it's squirrels. According to UC Davis officials, researchers will launch a birth-control program to curb the population of the so-called Fox Squirrels.
Seven years ago, the school says none of the animals existed on campus. Now, there are estimated to be at least 400.


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