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The final blow to CD's

It was a little over 20 years ago that the compact disc was introduced to the market in an attempt to due away with the larger vinyl record album. Consumers were told that the cd would last longer- if not forever and the album would be obsolete. Gone by the wayside also was the cassette tape.

Is it now time to say goodbye to the cd?
The cd took a major blow with the mp3/ iPod revolution.
Now, the final blow is on it's way.

Backed by four major music labels, SanDisk has announced a new physical music format dubbed "SlotMusic" that's essentially an entire album on a MicroSD compact memory card. Wal-Mart and Best Buy are among the retailers that have already signed on to start selling the cards for the upcoming holiday season.

This is the latest attempt to save the in- store sales physical media sales and it is aimed at users of the millions of cell phones and MP3 players with MicroSD slots. Like many computers offer, the card can be inserted right into the slot and immediately hear the music. The card will also come with a USB sleeve so it can be plugged in directly to any USB-enabled computer.

SlotMusic cards will be sold without digital rights management restrictions and in the form of MP3 files from EMI Music, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.

Not mentioned in press release is anything about pricing. The New York Times' Saul Hansell, however, says a record label executive told him he estimates they'll go for $7 to $10.

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