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In the News September 7th, 2008

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Powerful Hurricane Ike may lead to the U.S. Gulf Coast late this week. Residents from Florida to Mexico will be on the lookout for Ike's furious winds as the Category 4 storm follows a track that chould take it to eastern Cuba today.
Tropical Storm Hanna makes her way up the east coast bringing heavy rain, wind gusts and oppressive humidity.
Talk about a mistake in identity

Cries for help inside a Trenton, N.J., home turned out to be for the birds. The cries for help inspired neighbors to call police they thought they were hearing a woman's persistent cry of "Help me! Help me!" coming from a house.
Officers arrived and when no one answered the door, they kicked it in to make a rescue only to find the cries were coming from pet birds.

Robbing and Killing an old man for $15

In Texas, two teenage girls are accused of stabbing a 75-year-old man to death in a robbery that netted them just $15. Police say the mother of one of the teens helped put them up to it. All three were charged with capital murder.
The Big Florida Game...
No. 5 Florida snap a six-game losing streak against rival Miami. Tebow threw two touchdown passes, speedster Percy Harvin ran for a score and the Gators used a swarming defensive effort to beat the Hurricanes 26-3 Saturday night at The Swamp. Florida hasn't beaten Miami since 1985. The rivalry in college football is one of the nations biggest.

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