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In the News, September 19 2008

The Latest Polls

The latest national polls show that Barak Obama is ahead of McCain in by 3 percentage points, 47 percent to 44 percent. Barack Obama leads McCain 47 percent to 44 percent in CNN's "poll of polls"

The latest poll of polls consists of four surveys: CBS/The New York Times (September 12-16), Gallup (September 15-17), Diageo/Hotline (September 14-16) and American Research Group (September 13-15). It does not have a sampling error.

In an AP-Yahoo! News poll, people would rather watch a football game with Barack Obama than with John McCain — but by barely the length of a football. Such views are significant because in many elections, candidates considered more likable often have an advantage.

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Happy 113th

The world's oldest man celebrated his 113th birthday Thursday in southern Japan. Tomoji Tanabe told reporters he wants to live another five years. Tanabe was born Sept. 18, 1895.

He received birthday gifts, flowers and $1,000 cash from the mayor of his hometown of Miyakonojo . He is the oldest man alive in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

There are at least 36,000 centenarians among the Japan's 126million population.

Chicago Sees Green

Mayor Richard M. Daley

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has earned a national reputation for his innovative, community-based programs to address education, public safety, neighborhood development and other challenges facing American cities. Time magazine, in its April 25, 2005 issue, said Daley "is widely viewed as the nation's top urban executive."

Mayor Richard M. Daley has announced a plan to dramatically slash emissions of heat-trapping gases, part of an effort to fight global warming and become one of the greenest cities in the nation. The plan calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to three-fourths of 1990 levels by 2020 through more energy-efficient buildings, using clean and renewable energy sources, improving transportation and reducing industrial pollution.

"We can't solve the world's climate change problem in Chicago, but we can do our part," said Daley on Thursday. "We have a shared responsibility to protect our planet."

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