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In the News; September 16, 2008

What's going on with our money?

Wall Street scored it's worse day since 9/11 yesterday. The upheaval was due in part to the failure of one of its most venerable banks causing a domino effect throughout the world.
Oil prices plummeted , falling briefly below $92 a barrel, despite ga prices being over a dollar more than they were a year ago, on average. This is a reflection of market fears that the U.S. credit crisis which brought down brokerage giant Lehman Brothers will drag on global economic growth and restrain demand for crude.
Federal Reserve policy-makers are expected to stop short of lowering U.S. interest rates at a meeting on Tuesday but could signal readiness to cut them quickly if needed to protect the economy from one of the most serious financial crises in decades.
He had 86 Wives

Police in northern Nigeria say that they have arrested a Muslim preacher who has 86 wives and 107 children. He was arrested for breaking Islamic marriage laws. Muslim principles forbid men from taking more than four wives.
It was unclear when he would appear in court, or what the potential punishment could be.

Almost half of Nigeria's 140 million people are Muslim and Niger is one of twelve states in the country where Islamic Sharia law holds.

Pooch makes 911 Call

In Scottsdale, Arizona, a dog specially trained to call 911 when his owner suffers seizures grabbed the phone to call for help. The dispatcher answered the phone and said she heard a cry from Buddy, who she later discovered was an 18-month-old German shepherd. Buddy's owner, was suffering one of his more severe seizures.
Buddy was adopted at 8 weeks old through the help of Paws With a Cause, an assistance animal adoption service.

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