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Are the Chicago Cubs Really Cursed?

It sounds like an old wives tale or like something that could only be made up.
The Chicago Cubs are cursed. Once again they have met bad luck in post season play.

Here is the story.

It all started in game 4 of the 1945 World Series. The Curse of the Billy Goat was allegedly laid upon the Cubs. Billy Sianis, Cub fan, had come to game 4 with two box seat tickets, one for him and one for his goat. P.K. Wrigley ejected the Cub and goat lover.

Here is the important part.
According to the story, upon his ejection, Mr. Sianis uttered, "the Cubs, they ain't gonna win no more." The Cubs lost game 4, lost the 1945 World Series. As you know, they and have not been back since that loss. And so it has been said that Sianis put a "curse" on the Cubs, apparently preventing the team from making it back to the World Series.

After losing the 1945 World Series, the Cubs finished with winning seasons the next two years, but those teams did not enter post-season play.

As the story goes, Billy Sianis, who owned a nearby tavern, had two tickets to Game 4. For some reason, Billy decided to bring along his pet goat, whose name was Murphy, and whom Billy had restored to health when
What was it that got Bill and Goat ejected?
Murphy, the goat, was special. Billy met Murphy after Murphy had fallen off a truck and spught attention by limping into Billy's tavern with blood dripping. Billy nursed him back to health and they became buds.

When the two entered the game Murphy wore a blanket with a sign pinned to it which read "We Got Detroit's Goat". Man and goat paraded around the playing field before the game. In the fourth inning, however, after receiving complaints about the animal's odor, Cubs owner Philip Wrigley ejected both man and goat. (Animal's odors? Did people shower daily then or wear deodorant?)

The Cubs lost the game and later lost the Series.

Sianis and his sons went on to open a chain of restaurants across the country under the franchise name The Billy Goat Tavern. No word on what what happened to the goat.

Are the Cubs truly cursed?
Did you watch the game last night?

Between 1946 and 2003, the Cubs have posted a 4250-4874 (.466) record. They have had only 15 winning seasons. There have been World Series appearances. And all of the post season experiences (1984, 1989, 1998, 2003, 2008) have resulted in sad losses.

However, you'll never guess which major league baseball team packs in the fans to an sro crownd for every game. The Cubs have the second most expensive tickets in the majors -$42.49 for the average seat.

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