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In the News, October 17th, 2008

Nothing like a 20lb Burger Story to Jump Start a Friday...

(Photo courtesy of Steve Kowalewski)
The burger normally comes with everything on it, but Steve Kowalewski's family had the tomatoes and pickles put on the side. (Photo courtesy of Steve Kowalewski)

It took him four hours and 39 minutes to finish the burger, a 15-pounder with toppings and a bun that brought the total weight to 20.2 pounds.

Barack Obama Stuff

McCain and Letterman

Remember a few weeks ago when John McCain canceled his scheduled appearance on Letterman, citing his suspended presidential campaign as the cause?
McCain didn't go to Washington until a day later and did an interview with Katie Couric instead. Letterman let McCain hear about it. When they met while taping the show, McCain told Letterman, "I screwed up."

Enslaving a Girl in Seattle

Five Seattle-area immigrants from Afghanistan enslaved a teenage girl after they brought her to the U.S.
According to reports, she had morn to a poor single mother and was informally adopted by another family in Afghanistan that forced her to marry at age 13 .

After coming to the US, the girl, was forced to live with the family who beat her and sexually assaulted her. The girl escaped after some good Samaritans helped her report her situation to the police in January 2008 .

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