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She had 16 babies

Smells like a recession....

According to media reports, there are at least 7.5 million American homeowners who are "underwater," owing more on their homes than they are currently worth. If they sold their homes today, they'd have to bring a check to the closing, reports. almost half of Nevada homeowners with a mortgage owe more to the bank than their homes are worth.Nationwide, almost one out of every five homeowners with a mortgage owes more to their lender than their properties are worth. But if you subtract those states, the rate drops to about one in 10, according to a report released Friday by First American CoreLogic.

Obama Win-fomercial

Barack Obama's campaign "infomercial" was the most-watched telecast in U.S. prime time on Wednesday. The infomercial drew an audience of more than 33.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research .

The three big networks alone, CBS, NBC and Fox, accounted for 25.5 million viewers combined -- 1.2 million more than they drew in the same half hour a week ago, Nielsen said.

By comparison, 19.8 million viewers watched the conclusion to baseball's World Series championship as the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays. The game, ranking as the night's No. 2 broadcast, was carried by Fox following Obama's multi-network commercial.
16 Pups

Golden Retriever gives birth to 16 puppies
In Massachusetts, a two-year-old Golden Retriever Retro gave birth to 16 puppies at Slade Veterinary Hospital. A normal litter only has six to 10 puppies. Mom seems to be doing well.

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Kelly said...

Those are some amazing numbers - the rate of homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth, the amount of people all watching the same broadcast, and the number of puppies one dog can have! Each one had me going "whaaaa? that's crazy!"

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