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In the news, October 19, 2008

Cole is Found

The 6-year-old boy kidnapped from a Las Vegas home by alleged drug dealers has been found alive in a neighborhood northeast of the Las Vegas Strip, according to police. The boy was found walking alone in east Las Vegas.

Barack Obama raised $150 million in September, according to his campaign . This sets a new high water mark in campaign fundraising.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said a record 632,000 new donors gave to the campaign, with the average contribution under $100. More than 3 million donors have given so far. The Obama campaign raised $65 million in August.

The McCain campaign accepted $85 million in federal matching funds for the last two months of the campaign. The Obama campaign opted out of the matching funds program and is free to raise and spend as much money as it can.

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Ratchet could be coming home today

Recall last week the story about the US soldier in Iraq, Sgt. Beberg, who rescued a puppy last May from burning rubble and how she wanted to bring the puppy home to the US but, was stalled by Army rules.
Operation Baghdad Pups, a program run by SPCA International, which has the motto 'No buddy gets left behind', faught for the puppy to travel only to get the okay 30 minutes prior to the scheduled flight, which the dog missed.

Gwen with 'lifeline' Ratchet in Iraq

Sgt. Gwen Beberg and another soldier rescued the puppy, Ratchet, from a burning pile of trash in May.

Thanks to thousands of warm-hearted individuals signing a petition, Ratchet could be coming home today.The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International said it would make another attempt to bring him to the United States .



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