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In the News, October 3rd, 2008

Did you see the VP Debate?

Poll respondents give Sen. Joe Biden the edge over Gov. Sarah Palin in ability to express views.

CNN is reporting that in a national poll of people who watched the vice presidential debate say that Democratic Sen. Joe Biden won.However, respondents say that Republican Gov. Sarah Palin exceeded expectations. Poll respondents give Sen. Joe Biden the edge over Gov. Sarah Palin in ability to express views.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. said 51 percent of those polled thought Biden did the best job, while 36 percent thought Palin did the best job.

Respondents said that Palin was more likable, scoring 54 percent to Biden's 36 percent. Seventy percent said Biden was more of a typical politician.

Both candidates exceeded expectations -- 84 percent of the people polled said Palin did a better job than they expected, while 64 percent said Biden also exceeded expectations.

On the question of the candidates' qualifications to assume the presidency, 87 percent of those polled said Biden is qualified and 42 percent said Palin is qualified.

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New Research about overeating

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and colleagues found that overeating makes the brain go haywire, prompting a cascade of damage that may cause diabetes, heart disease and other ills. Eating too much appears to activate a usually dormant immune system pathway in the brain, sending out immune cells to attack and destroy invaders that are not there,

The finding, reported in the journal Cell, could help explain why obesity causes so many different diseases. It might also offer a way to prevent obesity itself.

People still missing from IKE

It has been nearly a month since Ike hit Texas. More than 300 people are still missing, according to reports.

Authorities are working along with a recovery center. The number of missing includes 24 children. Laura Recovery Center volunteers, working with the Galveston Police Department and Galveston Emergency Management, have been fielding calls from family and friends of people missing since Ike hit September 12.

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