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16 Great Sites to Check Out

Learn how to do something;
  1. Howcast
  2. Expert Village
  3. eHow
  4. WonderHowTo

Where's the cheapest gas?
  1. GasBuddy Real-time prices from 750,000 volunteer price "spotters," who send in daily updates from their local stations.
  2. MapQuest's Gas Prices
  3. Gas Price Watch.

Got mental-health concerns?
  1. PsychCentral Where you can take quizzes to get a general sense of whether you might have a problem.
  3. National Institute of Mental Health

  1. TripKick,
  2. Tells you which floors are best and which rooms to avoid and which rooms had the best view
  3. SeatGuru
  4. WikiTravel is an invaluable travel resource
  5. Thorn Tree Travel Forum
  6. TripAdvisor are useful for seeing other folks' photos and reviews, only WikiTravel keeps a concise, current directory of nearly 20,000 destinations.

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