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In the News, June 8th, 2008

Was there a warning before he knifed seven people to death in Tokyo?

It is being reported that the man 'blogged' warnings on the internet. There was a series of messages posted to the Internet, including one just before the attack saying, "It's time," police and media reports said Monday. The man is accused of ramming pedestrians with a truck on and then stabbing 17 bystanders in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

Police said that he posted a string of messages on an Internet bulletin board from his cell phone.
News reports say they were posted in a threat titled, "I will kill people in Akihabara," starting hours before the stabbings.

"I want to crash the vehicle and, if it becomes useless, I will then use a knife. Goodbye, everyone," Kyodo News agency quoted one message as saying.

That was followed chillingly several hours later, the report said, by a message sent from Akihabara via cell phone that read: "It's time."

The killing started 20 minutes later.


A NEW iPhone???

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is widely expected to introduce iPhone 2.0 at the start of the tech firm's Worldwide Developers Conference today. This next-generation iPhone will likely feature 3G wireless technology, allowing much faster Internet access. It's also expected to let users download a wide range of powerful new business applications and social-networking programs.

The smart phone is expected to be available in mid-June. Jobs will speak at The World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.


A Chicken took up residence at a McDonald's in Temecula, California.

For four months customers tried unsuccessfully to catch the brown hen using bait or bare hands. Last week, the fast fowl was finally captured after it settled in for the night right on top of the drive-through window box. A group of employees distracted the bird with bites of hamburger bun and nabbed it.

The bird won't end up on the menu. It has been sent to live as a pet with other chickens at the home of a restaurant worker.

Since the chicken arrived, customers often found themselves waiting to order their McNuggets while the bird blocked the drive-through lane.

What's a Monday without the latest news on oil?

Goldman Sachs is predicting that Oil prices are likely to hit $150 a barrel this summer season as tighter supplies outweigh weakening demand.
Goldman Sachs, the most active investment bank in energy markets and one of the first to point to triple-digit oil more than two years ago . Last month Goldman Sachs predicted that oil could shoot up to $200 within the next two years as part of a "super spike."

The average price of regular gas crept up to $4 a gallon for the first time over the weekend.


Steph said...

Why would a chicken house itself at McDonald's? How did it get there?

Cute story:)

Anonymous said...

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