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Fuel Prices

U.S. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Prices, 06/16/08
Regular Gasoline Prices Graph. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices Graph.
Gasoline (Cents per Gallon) Diesel Fuel (Cents per Gallon)
06/16/08 Change from 06/16/08 Change from
Price Week Ago Year Ago Price Week Ago Year Ago
U.S. 408.2 values are up4.3 values are up107.3 U.S. 469.2 no change0.0 values are up188.7
East Coast 405.2 values are up3.3 values are up107.6 East Coast 475.2 values are up0.9 values are up195.2
New England 413.1 values are up4.2 values are up111.1 New England 485.3 values are up1.9 values are up197.6
Central Atlantic 410.3 values are up4.5 values are up108.9 Central Atlantic 487.4 values are down-0.5 values are up200.5
Lower Atlantic 399.0 values are up2.1 values are up105.6 Lower Atlantic 469.0 values are up1.3 values are up192.6
Midwest 399.7 values are up1.5 values are up101.3 Midwest 461.8 values are up0.3 values are up184.4
Gulf Coast 393.7 values are up2.8 values are up103.4 Gulf Coast 465.6 values are down-0.2 values are up190.3
Rocky Mountain 399.4 values are up5.3 values are up81.3 Rocky Mountain 468.5 values are down-1.3 values are up177.8
West Coast 445.2 values are up12.7 values are up126.4 West Coast 485.2 values are down-2.2 values are up189.4
California 458.8 values are up15.5 values are up135.2 California 496.9 values are down-2.3 values are up193.6
Regional Regular Gasoline Prices Graph. Regional Diesel Fuel Prices Graph.

In the United States Gasoline is one of the major fuels consumed and the main product refined from crude oil. Consumption in 2007 was about 142 billion gallons. American's as a whole average about 390 million gallons per day . 61% of all the energy used for transportation

While gasoline is produced year-round, extra volumes are made and imported to meet higher demand in the summer. Gasoline is delivered from oil refineries mainly through pipelines to an extensive distribution chain serving about 167,500 retail gasoline stations in the United States.

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