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Britain's Missing Top Model,

Britain has a new TV show. Britain's Missing Top Model, not to be confused with America's Next Top Model, features eight young disabled model want- to- be's who discover what it takes to be a model. One of them will win a photo shoot and appear in a top fashion magazine.

bbc models disabled british
Contestants with disabilities in the new BBC program, Britain's Missing Top Model

The show features 'Disability Bitch". Disability Bitch is sort of a virtual host and will be appearing on the Britain's Missing Top Model website throughout the TV series, conducting video interviews with each evicted model in her own unique, no-nonsense style. You can watch all of them on our Videos page.

The BBC has gone all out for this presumed to be hit show.
Check out thee BBC's disability website to meet the models. The site also has "features, humour, blogs, news, and a lively community."

Wonder if this is giving the folks at Fox any ideas.


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