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In the News July 27,2008

Eclipse Coming to a Sky Near You

The sun appears as a diamond ring as the moon passes over during the solar eclipse in Graz, about 200 kilometers (167 miles) south of Vienna, Austria on Wednesday, Aug. 11 1999. (AP Photo/Helge O. Sommer) wants you to know that there will be a rare solar eclipse on August 1st. This total eclipse is the first in nearly two and a half years. Those who will be able to see it will be in an area that includes western and central Asia, parts of northern and central Europe, all of Greenland and even a small slice of northeastern North America. During this eclipse the view of the sun will become completely blocked by the moon.

Who is volunteering and who is not

According to researchers for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), nationally, the volunteer rate fell in 2007 for the second year in a row, to 26.2 percent . Their report showed Miami with a volunteerism rate of 14.5 percent, replacing Las Vegas in last place among major metropolitan areas. By region, the Midwest had the highest volunteer rate at 31.1 percent, followed by the West at 26.1, the South with 24.7 and the Northeast at 23.4.

By state, Utah had the highest rate, 43.9 percent, followed by Nebraska, Minnesota, Alaska and Montana. Nevada had the lowest state rate, 17.7 percent; Florida and New York were the next lowest.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City and Portland, Ore., were the highest-ranked big cities, while New York City and Las Vegas were the lowest-ranked after Miami. Among 25 mid-size cities, Provo, Utah, came first with a 63 percent rate — the highest of any jurisdiction in the report.


"Cat Fight" in the friendly skies

Drunken women disrupt flight to England

A flight headed to London, England, was forced to make an emergency landing after an 'altercation' involving two drunken women. One of the women is accused of hitting a flight attendant with a bottle of vodka and trying to open a cabin door in mid-air, police said. The aircraft was cruising over Austria at 10,000 meters (32,800 feet).The staff on the flight from Greece to England eventually forced the women back to their seats and the pilot made an emergency in Frankfurt .Both women were released from police custody.


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