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In the news, August 19th, 2008

The Wrath of Fay

The hurricane warnings have been dismissed. All that remains are a number of tropical storm warnings as Fay tracks through Florida. Fay failed to strengthen before making landfall in southwestern Florida which prompted the dropping of the hurricane warning. Fay came ashore at Cape Romano south of Marco Island. The storm made landfall in western Cuba and Monday afternoon in Key West.

Women are having fewer babies in the US

According to the Census Bureau , more women in their early 40s are childless. Those who are having children are having fewer than ever before.

In the last 30 years, the number of women age 40 to 44 with no children has doubled, from 10 percent to 20 percent. And those who are mothers have an average of 1.9 children each, more than one child fewer than women of the same age in 1976.

The Census Bureau found that in 2006 women with graduate or professional degrees recorded the most births of all educational levels. About 36 percent of women who gave birth in the previous 12 months were separated, divorced, widowed or unmarried.

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Lower the Drinking Age?

There is a new push to lower the drinking age and it's coming from an unlikely source. College presidents from about 100 of the nation's best-known universities, including Duke, Dartmouth and Ohio State, are calling on lawmakers to consider lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18, saying current laws actually encourage dangerous binge drinking on campus.
The movement called the Amethyst Initiative began quietly recruiting presidents more than a year ago to provoke national debate about the drinking age.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says lowering the drinking age would lead to more fatal car crashes. It accuses the presidents of misrepresenting science and looking for an easy way out of an inconvenient problem. MADD officials are even urging parents to think carefully about the safety of colleges whose presidents have signed on.

How much has Britney shelled out in legal fees?

Court documents show legal bills submitted on behalf of two law firms who represented Spears in her child custody hearings total more than $466,000. That's on top of the $250,000 than Britney has agreed to pay Kevin Federline's attorneys.

The largest bill comes from attorney Stacy D. Phillips, who says in court filings that she is owed nearly $407,000 for four months of work. Phillips claims she has written off another $125,000 in fees.

Attorney Laura Wasser, who took over the case in June and negotiated an agreement between Federline and Spears' camp that allows the singer more time with her young sons, is seeking $60,000. She worked on the case nearly two months.

The results?
Spears and Federline were married in 2004 and completed their divorce last July. She pays him $20,000 a month under an agreement finalized in July.Federline retains full custody of the children, but Spears has some overnight visits. And, she has rid herself of what's his name.

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