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Pets Have Been Banned

The Saudi Gazette is reporting that there is now a BAN in Riyadh on keeping dogs, cats as pets

According to Saudi Gazette, the ban follows complaints
received by the Commision for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

Apparently, in Riyadh there is a “ ising phenomenon of men using cats and dogs to make passes at women and pester families,” said Commission General Manager, Othman Al-Othman.
He said such behavior in public squares and malls was improper.
The ban was ordered by Acting Governor of Riyadh, Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz, following an edict from the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars.
“If a man is caught with a pet, the pet will be immediately confiscated and the man will be forced to sign a document pledging not to repeat the act,” Al-Othman told Al-Hayat Arabic newspaper.

A similar ban issued Aug. 2006 for the Makkah region banned the sale of dogs and cats as pets.
According to the Saudi Gazette, Muslims are discouraged from keeping dogs inside their homes because they are considered to be unclean.


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