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The Number 500

This will be my 500th blog post since switching over my blog a few months ago.
It's hard to believe that I've hit 500.

500 is a big number.It's something to be proud of.
Other notable 500's include;
Indianapolis 500
For nearly 100 years people have been racing 500 miles in Indianapolis.
It all started when Speedway leader Carl Fisher and his partners envisioned an event that would appeal to the public by lasting approximately seven hours between mid-morning and late afternoon. A distance of 500 miles was settled upon, and Ray Harroun won the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911 in six hours, 42 minutes and eight seconds.

Fortune 500
They like to keep tabs on who is making big dollars. They keep tabs on people and corporations.Walmart tops their Global 500 list with over 12 billion in profits. I occasionally shop at Walmart.

Top lists the top 500 supercomputers. Most of their site is over my head but,
I can tell you that IBM is doing well.

For the past 500 posts I have had little problem finding interesting information to blog about. After all, the theme of this site is "Stuff to Blog About". There are so many unique individuals and interesting things going on in the world around us that I am sure the next 500 posts will be somewhat of a breeze for me.

Thank you readers for checking back to see what's new. Your comments, ideas, and support is really wonderful.

Here is to number 500!


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