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In the news, August 21, 2008

Go Away Fay!
Tropical Storm Fay is set to hit Florida for a third time. Fay has already poured more rain on Florida's central Atlantic coast, flooding hundreds of homes, trapping residents and leaving Florida a soggy mess. Fay is now hovering just off Florida's east coast. Governor Charlie Crist calls the mess "historic flooding." The storm is expected to make its third Florida landfall later today and move slowly over the northern peninsula. Fay has sustained winds of 60 mph and may pour 30 inches of rain in some areas.
Sheryl Crow is giving away free music .
She calls it a tactic she calls the "Tupperware" party approach to inspiring young people to vote.
The Grammy Award-winning singer plans to give a digital copy of her album "Detours" to the first 50,000 people who register three friends to vote.

"I hope people wake up and emotionally engage in issues," Crow told The Associated Press in a telephone interview during a visit to Los Angeles.

RealNetworks Punk

FEMA gets Hacked

A hacker broke into a Homeland Security Department telephone system over the weekend and racked up about $12,000 in calls to the Middle East and Asia. The hacking is said to have been elementary as hack jobs go.

Find out about your hospital

There have been a few weird stories coming out of hospitals lately.
Most people do not know that there is a Hospital Compare Website operated by medicare.
information included in the government's Hospital Compare Web site.

For the first time, death rates during the past two years from pneumonia are included with death rates from heart attack and heart failure for individual hospitals across the country. These numbers can be compared with the national mortality rate for heart attack (16.1 percent), heart failure (11.1 percent) and pneumonia (11.4 percent).

In addition to the pneumonia mortality rates, the Web site recently added statistics on the quality of hospital care received by children. The new data join information on process of care, patient satisfaction and patient experience.
Hospital Compare
is a tool providing you with information on how well the hospitals care for all their adult patients with certain medical conditions or surgical procedures. The information on the website has been provided primarily by hospitals that have agreed to submit quality information for Hospital Compare to make public.


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